New build at Starfleet Astraios!

The above is the work of Captain Gotham Spiritor, at UF Starfleet Astraios, 3rd Rock Grid.

Starfleet Astraios' 2015 'Masked Ball'

 Held Sunday May 10, 2015, Officer's Mess, UF Starfleet Astraios, 3rd Rock Grid.


 Poison Toocool steps forward solemnly, nodding to the Vulcans standing to her right, looking out to the crowd, waiting.

Officers and crew of United Federation Starfleet, Astraios Colony members and cadets, honored guests and friends... Today we gather to acknowledge and celebrate the long life and contributions of Ambassodor S'chn T'gai Spohkh.

I must say I spent hours pouring over his service record, logs and other writings, and last evening wrote what I will now say to you. But at the end I felt my words were and are inadequate to the task. His was a life full, not just of service, but of art and literature and music.

Born in 2230 in Shi’Kahr, Vulcan, to his parents Ambassodor Sarek and Amanda Grayson, as a hybrid Vulcan-Human, he had some difficulties with the other children for not being a true Vulcan. Yet for many years of his long life he was well respected for his thoughtful contributions and logical approach to many problems.

He applied to Starfleet over the protests of his father, who wished his son to attend the Vulcan Science Academy. As a cadet, he served under Capt Christopher Pike of the USS Enterprise  NCC-1701in 2252, and gained his Ensign pips in 2253, during that assignment. 

Thirteen years later, as Lieutenant Commander, he became First Officer and Science Officer for Capt James T. Kirk, which is where we first learn of him. The Enterprise was assigned from 2265-2270: to seek out new life, and new civilizations. During that deployment, he served his Captain and his Ship with distinction.

Selon Avarak:“Change is the essential process of all existence.”

Poison Toocool: There have been many stories told in books, Academy classes and video about the five year mission of the Enterprise. Mr Spock, as he was addressed by the Captain and crew, was an integral part of those missions, his scientific analysis, superb mathematical skills, and intense curiosity is evident in the logs and stories told about those days.  For many of us, certainly for me, he was a larger than life hero, and along with Nyota Uhura, an inspiration for my entry to Starfleet Academy.

When the Enterprise mission concluded he resigned and returned to Vulcan to undertake the Kolinahr training, which would assist him to suppress his emotions. He was unsuccessful, and soon we find him on the bridge of the Enterprise again, his commission reactivated, when V’ger returned to Sector 001 and threatened the safety of Earth, in 2273. He was then assigned to Starfleet Academy, and taught cadets through bridge simulations and cadet cruises their responsibilities on the bridge.

Selon Avarak:“I have been, and always shall be, your friend.”

Poison Toocool: In 2285 a training mission with Admiral Kirk aboard the Enterprise was assigned to urgently assist in finding the Genesis device, created to seed lifeless planets for colonization. The ship was attacked by a genetically altered human warrior named Khan, and was in danger, particularly after the Genesis device was fired by Khan in order to destroy Kirk and the Enterprise. Spock gave his life to save the ship. His body was entombed in a pod and laid to rest on the planet newly created by the device.

Dr Leonard McCoy was then arrested trying to return to ‘Genesis’, which had been deemed off limits. Capt Kirk released him, and, against all orders, took the Enterprise back to the new planet. There, they discovered Klingons who were – as usual – looking for revenge. In the ensuing struggle, Kirk’s son David was killed, a regenerated young Spock was discovered, and.. Genesis began to rip apart from instability.

Selon Avarak:“Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbably, must be the truth.”

Poison Toocool: Fortunately the Enterprise was able to return the young boy to Vulcan, where it was discovered that Dr McCoy was carrying his ‘katra’.  Spock’s family are able to reintegrate Spock’s spirit and his body, although it would take time for him to heal, he is himself again.

The following year, Spock again returned to assist Captain Kirk, this time to take part in an urgent mission to end the effects of an unknown probe on Sector 001.  It was determined that the probe had been sent by a species similar to the Terran humpback whales. Since this species was extinct on Earth, Kirk took his Klingon bird of prey back in time to obtain the whales, bring them back, and stop the probe from destroying the planet.

Selon Avarak: "The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few.”

Poison Toocool: In one of his most pivotal roles, Mr Spock undertook to save Romulus, attempting to stop their sun from exploding by the use of red matter. An injection of this substance into the supernova would create a black hole of sufficient duration to return the sun to normal.  Unfortunately, he miscalculated and arrived too late to save the planet. 

A Romulan known as Nero survived and wanted revenge, and in the end his ship and Spock’s ship were both pulled into the black hole created by the red matter, and they are both transported back in time.  Mr Spock returns to 2258, and an alternative universe is thus created.  The Romulans later destroy Vulcan despite the best efforts of the young Kirk and Spock. 

Scientist, teacher, diplomat, he gracefully played the Vulcan lute and sang, he enjoyed three-dimensional chess, he had an interest in literature and poetry from many worlds.

We will not forget the Vulcan mind meld, the Vulcan nerve pinch, Pon Farr. We will not forget the tall logical and unemotional figure turning to find his Captain alive, instead of dead, and saying with a huge grin, “Jim!” before he can stop himself.

Thus we gather today, to remember him, with joy and with sorrow. Look around you at the officers in uniform, at the fresh faced cadets, at the Academy, think of the stations and ships here, the words we say to each other, the missions we undertake. His legacy lives here in the dreams that come alive as we create them and participate in them.

Poison Toocool looks towards Selon and nods.

Selon Avarak steps forward, solemn, speaking:

“Vokau” (remember)

Oh starless night of boundless black
Infinity stretches before you
In accepting the inevitable, one finds peace.

Oh, nothing unreal exists
Earthbound gravity has no pull now
May your journey be free of incident

He is no longer with us
T'I kilko-srashiv kitok-wilat
(He must search elsewhere for his answer)

Poison Toocool says softly: 

"Dif-tor heh smusma, S'chn T'gai Spohkh"

Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy.

Selon Avarak: "Vokau"

Poison Toocool: "Remember"

Poison Toocool bows her head, unable to stop the tears.

Selenmoira: Vokau
Dolfke Barbosa: Vokau
Braxx Juventa: Vokau
Kirsty Tamae: Vokau
Morath Landfall: Vokau
Varda Silver: Vokau
Breydon Lane: Vokau
Arturo Morgese: Vokau
Tony Garcia: Vokau my friend
Ruaelle Lionheart: Vokau
Muze Ackland: lesek shaya tonat

 Poison Toocool: "We may gather at the Intergalactic cafe for refreshments and chat. Dismissed."

Dolfke Barbosa: aye, Sir
Selon Avarak: Thank you Fleet Captain
Jeremy Nightshade: thank you FCaptain and to all you too, Vokau Mr. Spock
Muze Ackland: I was always so grateful for his life.


Sheldon & Simone's Wedding 150207


Wedding photos of Ensign Whitewitch72 and Simone Ferguson
Ceremony Conducted by Capt Genny7 Markus
Escort provided by Cmdr David7 Bravin
Armstrong Region, Starfleet Astraios
3rd Rock Grid
Feb 7, 2015

Smashing birthday party

On January 11, 2015, United Federation Starfleet Astraios celebrated it's 4th Anniversary. Fleet Captain Poison Toocool gave an anniversary speech to open the celebration, and the ceremony was then followed by a Birthday Dance with music by Jeremy Nightshade. Guests from Second Life, 3rd Rock Grid, and were present. Everyone seemed to have a very nice time.