Crossing the 'Great Barrier'

One of the downfalls of Virtual Life has been the need to create a new account, a new avatar, and then gather accessories, skins, shape, hair, clothing... and other inventory items... for each "grid". For some roleplayers, this was impossible to consider. They invest an enormous amount of time (and money) creating the right 'look' for the characters they play on roleplay sims.

The prospect of re-building their character(s) on a different grid, where supplies for roleplayers might be inadequate, has always been a major concern for RPers to whom I have spoken, and one of the reasons they decline to leave places like Second Life.

Now that 3RG is hypergrid enabled, I've been hoping to find solutions for this concern.  In my explorations of the hypergrid, I've been pleased to see some great quality items available, an enormous amount are free and full perm. I've also been impressed with the obvious skill and creativity demonstrated on the few grids I have seen to date.  I have no doubt that an enterprising roleplayer would find, if willing to explore, many of the items they would wish to have in their inventory and/or someone who has the skills to make them. That's assuming a RPer is willing to cross the 'great barrier' and explore some Hypergrid Roleplay, like our Star Trek roleplay on 3rd Rock Grid...

In particular, fantasy avatars like furries or alien species, or costumes from different eras, as well as excellent quality skins, shapes and hair, are desirable. Myself and Cmdr Selenmoira Resident are exploring and charting some of the new 'worlds' now available to us. I'll keep you updated on our travels and post coordinates for locations that might just fit the RP bill!